No bueno bananas.

Bringing bananas on board a boat is a forever known no-no. This tropical fruit has been avoided by fishermen and sailors alike for years because of the superstitious belief that it brings bad juju. Personally speaking, I thoroughly enjoy a daily dose of this tasty potassium-filled fruit as a breakfast item. But, I know darn well that it better be fully ingested and its peel thrown in the trash bucket before I step off the dock. Some might claim this to be an old wives’ tale or a childish superstition among the sea folk. I believe otherwise. The bad luck theory of bananas derived from the Caribbean trade, when boats carrying bananas would have to move fast in order to avoid spoilage. This quick voyage resulted in decreased numbers of fish caught because of the difficulty of acquiring the optimum trolling speed. Another theory supporting the superstition is: bananas are deadly. When crewmen aboard banana boats unloaded their precious tropical cargo, they would encounter biting spiders.These unwanted transporters would leave their painful mark upon the crew, often leading them to their grave. Even though the thought of spiders sends tingles down my spine, the misfortune of capsizing at sea outweighs that thought. Often times, mass quantities of bananas would rot and weigh down the old wooden frames of ships. The addition of a storm passing through would cause the boat to collapse or capsize. Bon voyage!

“I don’t even bring Banana Boat sunscreen on the boat,” said Ben Davis, a local Boca Raton angler

Whether it be a sinking ship or a quick slip and fall accident from the misplacement of a banana peel on deck; bananas, in my opinion, should be landlocked.

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