The Lionfish Plague: How you can help

Divers across the east coast of the United States have encountered the nonnative lionfish for the past few years. Their numbers have grown immensely which causes great concern for preservation of our reefs.

Last year, while attending the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, I came across an interesting find. A company called Salty Bones was selling mini Hawaiian slings for spearing lionfish, a solution for the overpopulation of this reef predator.

Even though the lionfish is a threat to our reefs, I am not by any means an advocate for killing a species for pure sport. I believe that any fish killed should be used for food sources, whether it is for humans or other fish.

Evidently, these menacing aquatic creatures are rather tasty, considering you have to get past their venomous spines.

Lionfish - Treasure Cay, Bahamas 


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