Man arrested after stuffing shrimp in his pants

Troy McDaniel, 37, of York, Pa., was arrested Monday after allegedly trying to steal a frozen bag of shrimp from a supermarket. McDaniel stuffed the seafood in his pants prior to his attempted getaway.

The store officer told police he saw McDaniel in the frozen food section putting a bag of shrimp in the front of his jeans before trying to exit the store.

Upon the suspect’s departure, the store officer attempted to stop McDaniel, but he refused and proceeded to attack the officer. After breaking free and running across the parking lot, a store customer caught and detained him until the police arrived on scene.

McDaniel was charged with robbery, retail theft and simple assault. He was later freed on $10,000 bail.

How will I ever refrain from chuckling the next time I order stuffed shrimp at a restaurant?

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