Robbie’s in Islamorada: up-close and personal with tarpon

Some of my fondest childhood memories were from a 30 minute quick trip down to Robbie’s, in Islamorada, to feed the tarpon. With schools of 50 to 100 tarpon gathering around the docks waiting to be fed, this experience was something I always looked forward to.

This past weekend, I decided to relive my childhood memories at Robbie’s before traveling down to Key West.

As I walked up to the front desk with my friend Chris, the smell of bait and salt air hit my nose and all the fond memories came rushing back. We bought a bucket of fish, two beers, a couple of coozies and headed over to offer up a feast for the silver kings.

As expected, the large fish were awaiting our arrival from both sides of the dock, some easily pushing 150 pounds. When I leaned down to present their first taste of an afternoon snack, it didn’t surprise me when one immediately jumped up for a bite.

After filling the tarpon’s bellies and finishing our beers, we left Robbie’s with matching grins on our faces. I felt like a kid again.

The Bayside location also offers boat rentals, snorkeling and fishing trips, state park tours and casual dining.

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