Thanksgiving Bahamian Style

The boat was fully loaded Thanksgiving morning as we headed east towards Bahamian waters. We cruised through the Intracoastal Waterway as the sun began to rise and I watched my boyfriend, Ben, and his father start rigging up wahoo lures to troll on our voyage across. The 60-foot Merritt started to pick up speed after passing through the Hillsboro Inlet and my heart began to race with anticipation for the weekend’s adventures.

I hadn’t been to The Bahamas since childhood and this was the first time I had planned to travel to the stretch of tropical islands for strictly fishing.

The seas were at 3 to 5 as we crossed Hillsboro to Chub Cay on a following sea that spilled over the stern. We set out the 80 Wide Tiagras at a trolling speed of 12 knots and hooked up on a wahoo that morning off Chub. Weighing in at 25 pounds, it was the first of many fish to put up a grand fight. Continue reading

A Fishermen Family

I was recently doing a computer cleanup and came across some old family photos that made me smile. The majority of these pictures were of fishing trips, boating adventures and days spent on the water. While clicking through and organizing them in folders, I realized how much fishing has shaped my life and my family’s life. Continue reading